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About Rancho de Los Caballeros

Rancho de los Caballeros is celebrating 75 years of ranching excellence and invites you to come along with us to discover the future of our one-of-a-kind ranch experience. For decades, our ranch has brought the undeniable charm of Spanish Caballeros’ culture to folks like you with our extensive equine programs and genuine hospitality. Explore over 13,300 rideable acres of the Sonoran Desert with us as you tap into your inner cowboy at The Ranch.


Since 1948

Dallas Gant, Sr., C.L. Maguire, and Belford Howard, along with their wives, began their journey of opening a full-operational guest ranch in 1948 and continued to operate for more than seventy strong years. In 2021, the Gant family transferred ownership to a trio of families who were frequent guests of the property as well as admirers of the warm, always-present, Southwestern hospitality.

Since transferring ownership, the families and a new management team have upgraded the facilities to reflect their care and dedication for The Ranch while maintaining exceptional levels of service. The traditions of the Spanish Caballeros, “the gentlemen on horseback”, are treasured to this day to ensure that the legacy of Rancho de Los Caballeros lasts an eternity.


Sun C Brand

The iconic “Sun C” brand stems from the days when The Ranch ran cattle. Initially, the brand’s “C” with three bands of light signified sunshine to represent the founding families.

Today, the brand continues to uphold the importance of family and remains a symbol of what we do and how we take care of our guests.

From a friendly hello each morning to the loving conversations had throughout your stay, our staff welcome you with open arms to our family-first guest ranch.